Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today we went to the county fair grounds to an event called "The Maker's Faire"  Creativity, ingenuity, technology and individuality were everywhere!  This is becoming an annual event with a huge turnout.  My husband and I were like rubes in the big city with all the high tech displays.  The images above were created by a computerized robotic arm that held a micron pen and drew from a photo image in the computer.  It was fun to watch and I was struck how interesting the image was with just selective lines and areas of more detail along with lots of white space.  Of course, it would all be filled in with time, but I really liked the minimal image.  This is the ultimate "contour drawing".  

In another booth, there was a fine pen like stylus that you could draw with directly on the computer monitor (not a separate pad that displayed your marks on the monitor).  I asked if it would work on an iPad.  Sadly, the answer was no.  This pen worked with magnet technology and the iPad uses a different technology.  Right now, I have the best stylus available for the iPad.  


  1. Could you share what that stylus is for the iPad Myrna? I am very interested.
    Love your art, just discovered you, bought your latest book, can't wait to get it!