Friday, February 18, 2011


Tuesday night I went to Palo Alto for the drawing session.  The results can be seen on my Creativity Journey blog.  Last night I went to a drawing session in Sunnyvale.  It was a smaller room with fewer artists but the lighting was more dramatic so better shadow shapes and there were 3 different models, which made it interesting.  None of the models were professional but they did a pretty good job of holding a pose.   I decided to draw as accurately as I could.  If I got a good pose, I could always stylize or simplify it.  The female model was very pretty and slender but her clothing didn't work well for drawing the figure.  It draped oddly around her hips and was difficult to make it "read" properly.  The two guys were beefy and the foreshortened large muscle forms were interesting to draw.  This drawing group will try to meet once a month.

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  1. The first and last drawings are my favorites - hard to get that foreshortened look just right but you did it :)